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Book Review of “Ravished By A Viking” by Delilah Devlin: No, Really, It’s Science Fiction!

May 22, 2018 at 4:04 amCategory:Book Reviews | SciFi Fantasy Horror

I couldn’t trust it either when I initially went over it: the title signals unadulterated bodice ripper. However, the main section of the principal part ought to persuade you that you’re not in Kansas any longer, or Iceland or Denmark or Sweden- – considerably less Dark-Ages Scandinavia. Rather we end up in the Berserkers’ Great-Hall where, “Light thrown from the iron ceiling fixtures high over the dark marble floors glimmered on the quieted metal-fiber composite of their defensive layer and the steel spouts of the laser-lances they held.” I mean, do you toss a laser-skewer, for sure? New Iceland is the planet’s name.

The story goes that sooner or later in the far off past the Norse divine beings came to earth and stole the finest results of the north woods-those things being the mightiest warriors and the most beauteous ladies. What else? They were culled off the earth and saved on a planet far, far away where they were oppressed and compelled to dig for the divine beings (the divine beings being just animals of a propelled human progress).

Obviously being Vikings they would not endure this jabber for long; they revolted; pushed their eventual bosses away, and after that being people and in addition Vikings, they backpedaled to slaughtering and subjugating each other. Apparently that is the place those laser-lances were valuable. Be that as it may, the divine beings obviously still need diggers and as opposed to going somewhere else in the universe and grabbing some less troublesome slaves, they are plotting to assume control New Iceland once more.

The divine beings get the sibling of the best warrior on the planet of New Iceland and take off for galactic parts-obscure. The warrior and a beautiful ice princess follow them-in spite of the fact that it’s hard to envision where they discover the vitality, what with the way they go at each other. Indeed, you got it, that is the place the “Violated by A Viking” comes in.